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Day 348 : Whoa

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liner notes:

  • Saturday : Did some research into my new side project. Figured I would start this new one because I'll be able to work on other projects and create content at the same time. Then I did the radio show. Had a really good time as usual, but right before the show, I found out that Black Rob passed away. Whoa, that sucked! The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a US map from CNN showing where some of the mass shootings have happened in the past month with the words April 17th 2021 9-11-2021

  • Sunday : I pretty much got all the post radio show promo work done after the show on Saturday. Spent the day, doing laundry and setting up my new side project. Got the starter project up and running and was adding Firebase to it. I set up some Authentication with Twitter and Github. I also watched an episode of "Dr. Stone". Ended the night watching "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Gangs of London". Pretty productive day.

  • Professional : Had a meeting with my manager to plan out this next sprint. Then I wrote up some notes on some user test we did last week. Pretty much it.

  • Personal : I noticed that the app I use to keep track of my different accounts had an issue with one account. I called them and got it situated. Got kind of worried because if I some how lose access to my account, that would suck. Super happy that it wasn't super difficult to get access back. I think the issue may have been that the tracking application may have tried to access it too many times or something. Just had to reset.

A landscape shot from the view of a lake with 2 mountains in the background in Avachinsky, Russia

Some brackets came in for the frame that will go inside of my van. They are the same one that I bought from the hardware store that fit my aluminum pieces, except much cheaper. Now that I know, they are the same, I placed another order. Also bought some smaller framing that I'll use to build things like my work area and bed. I didn't go with the last company because that would take forever. I bought what seems like a standard size so it's pretty wildy available has a bunch of connectors. I just need to cut them down to the sizes I want. That should be coming in a couple of days. I want to finish integrating Firebase into my project. I also want to look into making it a PWA and get push notifications working. Then watch some anime. I was listening to the closing arguments of the Derek Chauvin trial and I'm basically drained.

Have a great night!

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