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Day 455 : Hurray

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Got up early to finish putting together the radio show. Then I worked on my quick side project. I also did my laundry and even cut my hair. Got quite a bit done before the radio show. Then it was showtime, and did the radio show. Had a good time as usual. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a screen capture from CNN where a general from the US military giving pitiful reasons on why they murdered 10 civilians including 7 children  with the words Sept 18th 2021 Surrounded by LOVE bugs

  • Sunday : Did the cyphers. Got to demo my new quick side project and a thing I built for work. During the work sessions, I was able to add a status section and some time conflict checks for my scheduling app. I also got the Cloudinary upload widget integrated into my side project. I still have to fine tune it, but it's in there and working. After that, I watched "The Walking Dead" and "Talking Dead" and read a chapter in a book.

  • Professional : The pull request with the changes I made to the Web Components so that they could be styled was merged. Hurray! The components I published were also approved, so I set all the versions to 1.0.0 and merged the code and republished. Had a few meetings. Worked on some last minute changes to a blog and demo I created from before. Also worked out another way to get some data on another demo application I'm working on. Pretty productive way to start the work week.

  • Personal : So, I came up with yet another side project idea and the domain name I want is available. Normally, I would just purchase it and add it to my long list of domain names. This time, I'm going to see if I can build a quick proof of concept and if it works, I'll get the domain name and build it out more. That's called growth. haha

Looking through a forest in Ardennes, Belgium with moss on the ground and rays of light coming through the trunks of the trees

Going to work on my larger side project. Watch an episode of "Boruto". Read a chapter of this electronic book I bought online. It's something I've been meaning to read for years and my new phone makes reading really easy.

Have a great night!

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