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Day 522 : West Coast

liner notes:

  • Professional : Had a very good but tiring day. Had a meeting in the morning with some of the top top people in the company to demo the application that I helped build for the past 2 weeks. My partner did all the demoing since it's more of their domain and I was just helping out. Good news is that everything worked and hand a bunch of questions and everyone seemed really interested in moving forward with the proof of concept we made. I also got some more support to work on another project I suggested late last year so that was cool. Had a couple of more meetings, did another demo of the application. I even got invited to do a Meet Up in California in the future. They were saying virtually, but I want to wait till I can visit the West Coast! haha. So with the demo application basically done, I returned to the other projects and tasks I'm working on, like creating some content for our documentation for some new features that were released.

  • Personal : Last night, I went ahead and purchased the domain for the new project. Did some research to make sure what I wanted to do could be done. Also did a quick mock up of the different pages and listed the different capabilities of each. I set up a Firebase project and initialized the different products I would need like authentication, Firestore, hosting, etc Also figured out the technologies I wanted to use. I think I'm going to roll with what I've been using lately: Astro for the framework and Svelte for the components. I'm also going to make some Web Components so each part is responsible for its own functionality and I can just drop them into the application. Should allow me to put together the project quicker, we'll see. Ended the night watching a couple of "Demon Slayer" episodes.

Photo of a sand dune in Canary Islands, Spain under an orange/purple/blue sunsetting sky

So I'm thinking I going to start building out the admin section of my new side project. Going to work on authentication and hooking it up to Firestore so I can start saving data. Good news is that it will be pretty identical to what I've done on other recent applications. Hoping to get that done tonight. Also, last Friday, the computer I use primarily for the radio show and the Sunday study group let me know that I can upgrade to Windows 11. There was no way I was going to do it before I had my events on the weekend. haha I'll probably do that while I'm getting ready for the night. I also want to try and get in a couple of "Demon Slayer" episodes. I ordered a longer USB-C cable so I can be more comfortable when hooking up my phone to the projector to be able to show the anime from the app. It's getting dark. Can't wait till the time changes again!

Have a great night!

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Brady Sewall

This popped up on my DEV front page today and wow - what a cool concept to post a daily journal. I dig it!