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Day 530 : For You

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Since my co-host wasn't able to make it to the station and I had some packages being delivered, I decided to do the show at the spot from the van. Not having to drive, find parking, and get ready for the show gave me a good amount of time to prepare for future shows and do some coding. Had a good time as usual and got to test of the new desk I put into the van. Everything worked out really well! The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a US Passport and N95 mask with the words Feb 12th 2022 No Beet, No Mask

  • Sunday : Did the cyphers. Got some stuff done. Not as much as I wanted, but I did make a dent in my current side project. It was a thing I was kind of worried I wouldn't be able to get working, but it looks like it will. At least on my local machine, we'll see once it's deployed. haha After that, watched some anime and called it a night.

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. Had a meeting, helped with a community question, did a content review on an upcoming blogpost for a coworker and then worked on a presentation for this week.

  • Personal : This side project is coming together. Not as fast as I hoped, but I'm learning alot. I think I added just enough difficulty to it that it's not too easy or unreachable. It's just that there's quite a few moving pieces and things I didn't foresee keep popping up, but I work them out and get back on schedule. Good news is that it looks like I'll be making use of it alot so it'll only help in the future. Plus I have another side project kind of like this one and this will help complete some stuff I left off on the other one.

Above the clouds over Cape Town, South Africa with a setting sun

Tonight is pretty much dedicated to finishing up the side project so I can start creating content to put on it. The admin section is complete (as far as I can tell, haha), created a template for the content, and got everything hooked up to the database. Now, I just need to make the front end that will show everything. Cool thing is that some of the parts will consists of web components I've already made so I won't have to worry about that. Just need to make a couple more components and should be good. That's one reason I like web components, you build them and they are there for you to reuse in another project. Alright, going to eat and get back to work. Hopefully once I get everything deployed, maybe I'll watch some anime.

Have a great night!

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