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Day 538 : Look Around

liner notes:

  • Professional : Today was pretty quiet. Understandable considering what's happening in the world. Did some work on a demo application.

  • Personal : Got the data I store into the database to show up on the user site. Had to do a little research because I forgot how to pull certain data the way I wanted, but I got it working. Luckily I knew where to look around for the answer. I just need to style how I want the data to look. Also, I think I may have thought of 2 new t-shirt designs.

View from the base of a waterfall in with a lot of rocks and a surrounding forest

Going to put together this week's radio show. I may be going into the station this week, so I want to make sure I get a bunch of stuff done tonight because I have a long drive to get there and find parking. Also want to get some more work done on my side project. It's getting pretty close to being finished I think.

Have a great night!

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