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Day 545 : No Sunshine Tomorrow

liner notes:

  • Professional : Today went pretty well. Got a feature working that was breaking my brain for the past couple of days. haha. Did some styling. I just need to clean up the code and do some refactoring, but it looks like everything is working. Not bad for a demo application. Also looked into any forms or documentation that I need to fill out before my trip. Really hoping it doesn't get cancelled. Sometimes it's like there's no sunshine tomorrow. Everytime I hope to travel abroad, it's always something blocking it beyond my control.

  • Personal : I was able to add speech to text working on both the client side and admin dashboard and get the results saved in the database. I also added the ability to highlight a question. Now I just need to get the stuff to show up on the overlay that will be live streamed. To end the night, I watched an episode of Atlanta and went to bed.

A sun-setting Nature scene in Gold Creek Pond, WA, USA where going from front to back, there is a lake, then a forest of tall pine trees and a large snow topped mountain chain

Going to see if I can get the overlay site to display the speech to text results and any highlighted questions. I also want to get the design I started working on finished so I can get a t-shirt ordered in time for my trip. Maybe I'll also get some tracks in for the radio show. Then I'll watch another episode of Atlanta before bed.

Have a great night!

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