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Day 550 : Endless Space

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. I set up my slides for my workshop coming up. I'm looking into some other ways to do some things a little bit easier and through the browser without having to set anything up on their local machines. Ran into some issues with trying to include a library and reached out to the team.

  • Personal : Last night I was able to add the third party library to do the speech recognition. Tested it on Chrome in iOS and the freaking audio isn't being transmitted. The same for the Safari browser. The speech recognition is work, but not the audio. No clue. I tried the site on my Galaxy Z-Fold 3 phone and it works perfectly! I was using the site in conjunction with an app, but I just downloaded it on my Android device and things seem to be working. I'll just use the iPad mini for only apps and nothing for the web. Terrible. Also caught up with Attack on Titan.

Dirt road through some trees where the branches are proving shade on the path in Kansas City, MO, USA with a wooden gate on the left side.

Got in some packages to help with packing my suitcase. One of them are some compression cubes that are supposed to save me space. I'm only taking a small bag so I don't have endless space. haha Going to finish packing. Maybe add another feature to my side project and then do another full test run before going live with the site this week (hopefully tomorrow). I've been slacking on watching "Atlanta". Maybe I'll watch an episode tonight. Can't believe this trip is coming up so soon!

Have a great night!

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