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Day 552 : Mega

liner notes:

  • Professional : So many meetings today. Good thing I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday. I also did some stuff for my upcoming trip.

  • Personal : So, last night, I created a draft status for the locations of my side project so that I can work and test stuff without it showing up on the site. Deployed it once I got everything working. I also tested out the setup I wanted to use to conduct multi-camera video interviews. Once again the iPad mini has let me down. I thought I could plug in an audio source into with an adapter into the USB-C port since the device doesn't have an audio jack. Nope. Luckily I got a work around figured out that involves plugging directly into one of the cameras. So I purchased longer audio cables just in case.

Overhead view of the coast of Haiku-Pauwela, HI, USA with a rocky shore with wave crashing and a field with various shades of green vegetation with a brown mud and dirt road cutting through it with a jeep on the road.

I made a social share image for so it will show up when a link is shared to Twitter. Going to get that implemented. I also want to test a couple of cameras that I'll be using strapped to my backpack as I walk around to capture regular video as well as 360 video. I still want to test the livestream one more time using my Galaxy Z-Fold 3 since the iPad mini has been a continuous mega disappointment.

Have a great night!

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