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Day 568 : Gold

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty productive day for the first day back from travelling. I don't really count yesterday because I was recovering and filling out forms for my travels. Updated and refactored some code. Reached out to some folks. Reviewed some pull requests. Not bad.

  • Personal : Last night, I watched an episode of the new season of "The Boys" and wow! Pure Gold! haha It looks like they will outdo themselves with the goriness! Again, wow.

A series of waterfalls flowing into a lake in a lush jungle in Vibhooti Falls, India with lots of green vegetation

Found an error where some pictures where double posted in my travel blog site . I think I know how the error occurred. I didn't refresh a page when I uploaded the photos and I remember thinking, "I wonder if this will work?" haha. I'll just have to go in the backend and delete the files. Then I want to look into a cool new library I came across on Twitter and maybe do a quick proof of concept. Will definitely end the night watching an episode of "The Boys".

Have a great night!

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