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Day 689 : Harriet Tubman

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Went into the station this week even though there was a game so that I could go to an event in town. I was messing up on the show. I felt off. I forgot Harriet Tubman's name! haha Had a good time at the event though. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of 2 people a female police officer and a male standing in front of a police SUV wrapped in a design to celebrate Black History Month parked in front of the City of Miami (Historic Negro) Black Police Precinct and Courthouse with the words Feb 4th 2023 Sadder Days

  • Sunday : Did the study sessions over at . Spoke with customer service about getting my Chromebook fixed. Filled out some forms and supposed to get the info I needed emailed to me. Did a little coding. Went through the projects on my computer and made sure it was backed up on GitHub. Got caught up talking with someone online thinking about learning data science and then went to bed.

  • Professional : Pretty good way to start the week off. Got some feedback from my team on a talk abstract that I wrote. Double checked my updates that I did to a repo last week. Did some more updates and tested it again. Started looking at another repo to update.

  • Personal : So I ran into this blocker on the project I'm working on. I need to pass info from one component to another. I'm thinking I may need to use stores, at least that's how I do it in Svelte, but I'm using Astro now. I can use Svelte in Astro, but I want to see how far I can push Astro. They have their own stores solution as well. Maybe that'll help solve my issue. Going to do more research.

New Orleans Bayou, LA, USA wetlands with mangrove trees in the water

Got the email from my Chromebook's manufacturer and bought a box to ship it in. Going to print out the form and pack up my laptop. I'm thinking, I may wait till later in the week to send in my laptop, because I can still use it. Going to see if I can get the stores working in my side project. I may go through tracks for the radio show. Eat dinner. Watch a couple of anime episodes. Go to bed.

Have a great night!

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