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Day 78 : Work Everyday

Definitely missed posting yesterday! haha
liner notes:

Radio show episode image with the words February 1 2020, Guitar Caddy. New War with Statue ot the Greensboro Four protesters

  • Sunday : Slept in the van Saturday night. Did it because since I'll be out of town and not able to do the show on Saturday, we recorded a show on Sunday. I totally forgot about some of the things I do to prepare for the show so we had to change some things around. Still had a really good time. Got home super tired and basically just rested.

  • Monday : Finally accomplished a goal I've been wanting to do for a while. I got the Web Components I've been working on for a Chat App pushed to a GitHub repo so that my other teammates can take a look. My manager is right that I need to do more frequent smaller pushes instead of waiting till it's done. It's just that I get so focused when coding. haha Right after work, I went to the Orlando Devs meetup and forgot to do a blog post.

  • Professional : In addition to the Web Components, I pushed the actual Chat App code to GitHub in a separate repo. Since we haven't published the web components to NPM, I figured out a way for my teammates to use them in the chat app. We'll see if we can get it working without any problems.

  • Personal : Going to the React Orlando meetup tonight. Before I forget again, I'm posting my blog post before I leave. I've been putting in work everyday! haha

Huge mountains in back of a forest in Geislergruppe, Italy

Did my laundry since I'll be out of town and got some things ready for my trip. I'm planning to leave tomorrow so I can see my sister and nephew. Looking forward to it very much!

Have a great night!

peace piece
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