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EoPL + Elm Weekly Status Update 1

Last week Wednesday (i.e. 31st July, 2019) I started reading EoPL and the following day I announced that I was going on a journey to dive deep into programming language theory (one of my interests that I've neglected for quite a while).

Today I've decided to start doing weekly status updates. Basically, every week I will share:

  1. What I accomplished in the previous week.
  2. What I plan to work on until the next update.
  3. Anything that's getting in my way or keeping me from making progress.
  4. And finally, any other thoughts that may be relevant.

What I accomplished

I completed my reading up to and including Chapter 1 and I took a few notes: Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements and Chapter 1.

I started working through the exercises and I completed: 0.1 and 1.1 to 1.19.

What I plan to do

Every day I will do at least 5 exercises from the exercises section in Chapter 1 until I complete all its exercises. There are 17 exercises remaining (1.20 to 1.36) so I expect to take at most 4 days to get through them.

In parallel, I will start reading and taking notes on Chapter 2 - Data Abstraction. I plan to be done with the reading and note taking by the next update and to complete at least 10 exercises from the chapter.

What's blocking me

Nothing at the moment.

Other thoughts

In case you're interested.

My process is really simple.

I do a little bit each day—in my case 2 hrs dedicated to deep work. I try to be consistent and I've learned to embrace boredom by building the right habits.

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