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Hi, I just finished a large overhaul of my portfolio in Gatsby, and I would appreciate feedback on it. Next steps regardless of recieved feedback will be regular blog posts, and improvements on the listed personal projects, and I'll be aiming for quality and complexity over quantity for those. Thanks in advance for taking the time!


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In general, I really like it! Some things I personally don't:

  • All the page titles are Home |
  • There's not / Home link on the navbar
  • The background image is huge (use tinypng.com/)
  • It does not adjust well on different screen sizes well
  • Seems like it was made to look good on mobile but /about lacks here (the images shrink way too much
  • /about and /blog don't look hot on a wide screen (1080p even).
  • The nav link expansion was cool but got old fast (for me)
  • Add a link to dev.to/dylanesque :D

Hope this helps 😄


This is definitely helpful! I only noticed the Home issue tonight, that has been resolved with my latest commit. The lack of Home navigation was deliberate, but enough people have commented so that it needs to be addressed in my next commit. Duly noted with everything else you said, with one point of clarification: what do you mean by the nav expansion, the transition that occurs on hover for the nav links?


how when hovering over links in the navbar, the text gets bigger

So you think a simple color change to indicate th hover state is sufficient; got it, and thanks again!


Meghan's coverage was good 🙂 so I will just point out one more thing.

Adding a favicon might help make your site more vibrant :)



Reading this way after the fact, but the font size differences are jarring to me. Huge headers and normal size paragraphs. The headers keep trying to pull my attention while I'm trying to read the words you wrote.


Since the initial post, I've made some adjustments; does the size difference still feel conspicuous in this version of the site? mscaveneyworks.com


About to duck into a meeting, but that image on the home screen is 3MB and enormous. Big enough that even on cable modem I could see it load in. Might see if you can shrink that down.


Yeah, I noticed first paint before caching was enormous, definitely going to optimize that.

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