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Just Launched Dyte on Product Hunt

What is Dyte?

Dyte is a live video calling SDK that lets you embed completely customizable and branded live video conferencing right in your product within minutes.

The Problem:

Back in 2020, while being stuck in the pandemic, we all had to shift to virtual meetings. Not only was it tiring to keep juggling between tabs and links; but for a business like ed-tech, it also created unnecessary friction for the user. Once a user clicks on the meeting link, they leave the platform with no visibility of their actions and behaviours.
Most of the video SDKs that already existed in the market either had a tightly coupled UI that provided close to no customizability or were so complex to implement that it was as good as building it from scratch.

The Solution:

This is when we decided to build Dyte. We wanted to create something that could be integrated with 0 hassle while also being completely customizable to fit into your product.

Dyte’s Key Features:

  • Customise your meetings end-to-end: From your meeting UI to the levels of user access you give your users, you can customise everything. Pick and choose every element of your call UI from our design library called “UI Kits” or build your own UI from scratch with the video infra being powered by our “Core SDKs”.
  • Ease of Integration: Dyte is so easy to implement that we have had customers go live in a day. Our in-depth documentation will help you navigate Dyte without any hiccups no matter which framework you use.
  • Plug-ins: Our out-of-the-box plugins such as whiteboard, polls, chat, code editor etc. help you create interactive and collaborative spaces that keep your team engaged!
  • Analytics: Our developer portal brings everything you need in one place. With GUI based configs and controls it also provides you with a granular view of all your meeting and user data.
  • More than video calls: With Dyte you can seamlessly switch to webinars or breakout rooms whenever required. You can also record and store your video meetings in a single place for easier access.
  • Support: We provide 24*7 support either through dedicated slack channels or through our community so you never find yourself stuck.

We are live on Product Hunt today! Check us out right now:

Thank you and I look forward to your comments and feedback! 🙇

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Ben Halpern


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Sloan the DEV Moderator

Hi! #discuss posts should be questions designed to elicit community responses. Since this is more of a blog post than a question, please consider removing the #discuss tag. Thanks!

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Rishit Bansal

Thanks for pointing that out, I have removed the tag!

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Liu Yongliang

Pretty cool solution!

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Tarush Nagpal

Dyte's a beautiful product with endless possibilities and customisations for developers. Been using it for a side project of mine and absolutely loving it! ♥️

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Akshay Gugale

Wohooo! 🚀