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re: Liberal democracy refers to the prevailing system of government and society in the West, especially since the end of World War 2. Coincidentally, e...

That's a big yikes from me family - history isn't so neatly packaged and the West means a lot of things to a lot of people.

The reason I've taken pains to try and steer this away from your hot takes is because solidarity among developers supersedes nationalistic rhetoric like you've been laying out in this thread.

By stating that a specific group of people built the internet you are very deliberately implying certain other groups did not - there are many countries and groups of people who have grown and shaped the web, and as such it cannot be claimed by any other group of people or central authority.

Please don't try and convince people that "no, it's actually a good thing that this happened because Iranians need to do something about their government". There is an entire history of why that's an awful (and somewhat racist) take to have.

I'm sure you'll have the last word here, but maybe it's more appropriate to post on your blog or something?

I feel like we're going in circles, Dyl, but I hope you'll reconsider your characterisation of my position as racist.

Racism would be the Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah starting that "if the Jews would gather in Israel, it would save us from going after them worldwide".

Racism would be Hamas' founding document, inciting their followers to murder Jews anywhere they find them.

Racism would be the constant credible threats of annihilation that the Ayatollahs make against Israel.

Resisting against these dictators is a moral imperative.

I hope you'll think about how, from my perspective, it sounds like you're saying "as long as it's only Jews in the crosshairs, it's racist to tackle the shooter".

So let's tackle this one at a time:

Hezbollah is primarily based out of Lebanon, and Hamas primarily out of Gaza. Insinuating that Iranian developers should be punished for their rhetoric implies that you are coming at this from an intensely racial place, which is not welcome in a real discussion, political or otherwise.

You are still insisting that Iranians deserve to be punished for the actions of their government, and you're doing an incredibly shallow job of concern trolling - at no point did I say or imply that any culture deserves to be in the crosshairs for any reason. I am saying that the rhetoric you're using is racist, and you should seriously reflect on this stuff my dude.

At this point, you're conflating the statements of geographically discrete groups onto the people actually being affected by this trade ban (Iranian developers). That is definitively a racist thing to do, and it has no place on a forum specifically about tech. Literally nobody asked you if you think it's actually cool & good that this happened for your own political reasons, but the reasons you went ahead and gave are really telling about your opinions of other people.

Racism should never be allowed a foothold in any community, and in this case I refuse to let Islamophobic dog-whistling go undisturbed in a thread about the effects of Islamophobia on a group of developers.

Both Hizbollah and Hamas are Iranian proxies. That's nothing new.

I never said that Iranians deserve to be punished. In my very first sentence in this thread I dealt with that. Please, stop putting words in my mouth when I took pains to clarify from the get go.

You're intentionally misrepresenting me in order to lob ad hominems.

Pointing out the genocidal intentions of the Ayatollahs and their puppets is not islamophobia. If it is, then Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, and everyone else resisting the dictators is an islamophobe.

They are specifically and emphatically not separate issues. The aim of sanctions is to pressure the government to change course. That will not happen if their people are copacetic.

This sounds a lot like you think excluding Iranian developers from a platform might cause regime change. Don't tell on yourself and then pretend like you didn't 😉

Saying I'm not racist in your opening remarks, and then being racist is literally the definition of the dog-whistling that I'm calling you out on.

At no point have I insulted you, so that miss me with that ad-hom rhetoric.

And mate, again, literally nobody asked if you think that excluding Iranians from github was good or cool or necessary - you decided to go out of your way and start this. It would cost you nothing to have not done this.

Pointing out the genocidal intentions of the Ayatollahs and their puppets is not islamophobia. If it is, then Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, and everyone else resisting the dictators is an islamophobe.

Finally, and say it with me this time:

like can you imagine if your career was hindered because the last residential school was closed in like 1997? Seriously, your points are old and tired and yes, racist. Just don't do it here, Benny.

There has to be room in this discussion to disagree without leveling personal attacks.

For the second time, I ask you to please refrain.

It is not prudent to debate or argue racism - you’re implying that dehumanizing a group should be up for discussion, and you’re being told in the clearest possible terms that your take is unacceptable.

You want to do that clapping thing again, or are you cool with leaving it be?

P.S. I have not ‘levelled personal attacks’ upon anyone in this thread 😘

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