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Create your own State Management solution in one line

Not clickbait.

Create a file and name it Store.js. Put the following one line of code in it.

// Store.js
export default {};
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Now you can store any data you want and share it across your modules and components without polluting the global namespace.

Example Usage

// main.js
import Store from './Store.js';
import Settings from '../api/Settings.js';

async function init() {
  const response = await Settings.getAll();
  Store.SETTINGS =; // store XHR response in Store module

// Module.js
import Store from './Store.js';

function getSetting(key) {
  return Store.SETTINGS[key]; // get a specific setting from the Store

// Task.js
import Store from './Store.js';

function loadTask(id) {
  Store.currentTaskId = id; // Store the current id in Store.js
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Extending the Store

How would extend this simple concept to add options for the following items?

  1. Immutability
  2. Persistence
  3. Transformation

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Arif Dogan

You are using good sides of js. Using this sides with good oop knowledge makes it better

maulik profile image

totally agree with you