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How do I find the right social media influencer?

There are two main options - to look for an influencer on your own or use the services that process influencer data and form their own databases. But there is also a third option, which has benefits of the first two.

The first variant is the simplest because you know exactly whom you need and most likely can find suitable influencers for cooperation. The main disadvantage is that the search can take weeks.

The second variant is an influencer search service. As a rule, these are marketing agencies, and the main disadvantage of such collaboration is that most companies do not immediately let the price for their services be known. However, there is a third compromise option. It would be to select the desired pool of influencers using a third-party service and then directly negotiate with them. Such services, for example, are provided by the Easy Bloggers platform - advanced YouTube influencers search.

What exactly you need to pay attention to:

The influencer’s main topics of discussion. The most commented and watched videos of the influencer will help you quickly understand the context of the most covered topics.

The number of subscribers and audience reactions. The higher the ratio of subscribers to reactions, the more an influencer "hooks" his or her audience.

Age, gender, and geography of subscribers. These are important parameters if the planned advertising campaign has clear geographic or socio-demographic boundaries.

Audience quality. Using the Median Views metric can be assessed the best.
The closer the median is to the number of subscribers, the more unrivaled is the content a influencer makes. If the number of views exceeds the number of subscribers, then an influencer is making viral content and is in the right place.

Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat?

Which platform is better to look for influencers? Probably, if you came to Easy Bloggers, you were searching for professional Youtube vloggers who could help you in promoting your product. And you were right! YouTube today has more than 2 billion users per month. 90% of people aged 18 to 44 watch it, and this is the most visited video service among Millennials. At the same time, 51% of users over 75 also watch videos on the platform.

Why else should you pay attention to micro-influencers?

There is another strong argument in favor of micro-influencers −
the conversion of advertising and influencer marketing campaigns on small channels is higher than on the top ones of YouTube. This is what marketers call "banner blindness". We simply no longer notice banner ads on the websites, and during advertising inserts on YouTube, we click “Skip Ads” more and more often. At the same time, advertising integrations with micro-influencers are usually perceived by the audience as advice, and thanks to this, a YouTube influencer with 100 thousand subscribers can achieve higher CTRs than a YouTube “superstars” with millions of followers.

Listen to vloggers, they know what they are saying

It is important to remember that you are buying an influencer’s audience, and vloggers know everything about their subscribers. If an influencer tells you to correct the campaign, this advice should be taken seriously. Remember, influencer marketing implies recommendations and advice, but not direct calls to buy.
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To evaluate the campaign effectiveness, you can come up with special promo codes for each influencer. It is just one of many life hacks. The most important advice is to make an analytical report with the main statistical indicators before the marketing campaign starts. It’ll make it easier for you to evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation with YouTube vloggers at the end of the campaign.
We sincerely believe that the future lies with influencer marketing. And if you also think so, then we will get along! Just try to find an influencer with our help, and you will see how Easy-peasy it is.


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