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LICENSE file for GIT

So, you create an Open Source project and published it to GitHub. But you realize you forgot to create a LICENSE file when you created the repository. What do you do now?

alt text

You can copy a LICENSE file from another repository and include it in your next commit, but there an EASIER way?

alt text

VSCODE Extensions

If you are using VSCODE as your IDE, you already know there are a ton of extensions for almost everything you need. Today, I found this nifty extension, called Licenser which installs a LICENSE file to your project.

Here is how it works. Install the extension from the link above. Add the following to your Settings JSON file:
"licenser.license": "MIT" or you can configure for other License's.

From the Command Palette, select "licenser: Create LICENSE file" and it automatically will install the file. BOOM Done!

Have a nice day.

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