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Ed's Microsoft Build May 2021 Session Picks

Ed Burns
Ed Burns is currently Principal Architect on the Java Tooling and Experiences team at Microsoft. In this role, Ed will help make Azure the best place for Enterprise Java.
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The traditional audience for Microsoft Build is less technical and
more business focused than the audience for the conferences I usually
attend. But at this point in my career, I'm ok with that. I am aware
that success with Java on Azure means influencing that audience. So
I'm very excited to highlight these exciting Java related sessions at
Microsoft Build.

Note: if you go to the Session scheduler and enter "java not javascript" you will see the Java related sessions.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

05:00 EDT Java Champions talk Java at Microsoft: Interstitial Programming

Join Julien Dubois, Jonathan Giles and I for a sevin minute
interstitial programming segment talking about high velocity cloud
native Java.

18:00 EDT Kroger joins Customer Tech Talks to discuss how they are using Java on Azure to manage stock levels across their stores

Success at Microsoft is all about impact. How much impact does your
work have? How does it achieve our vision of empowering every person
and every organization on the planet to achieve more? This 30 minute
customer success focused session shows the impact Java has at Kroger, one of
the leading grocery retailers in the US. They also own Fred Meyer. My colleague Asir Selvasingh is instrumental in the Java work done with Kroger.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

18:00 EDT Ask the Java at Microsoft Experts

Reza Rahman, Bruno Borges, [Martijn Verburg](], Asir Selvasingh and I are
in the virtual booth and are excited to take your questions.

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Thursday, 26 May 2021

10:00 EDT Ask the Experts: What's new for Developers for building Dual Screen Apps for the Surface Duo

Remember the Nintendo DS (dual screen)? The Surface Duo also has two screens, but it's a Microsoft device and it runs Android. That means, you can code for it using Java or Kotlin. This one sounds really fun. I look forward to seeing what Guy Merin has to say.

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On Demand Sessions

Accelerating enterprise Java workloads on Azure

This is where we get to show off all the things we are doing with Java EE related technologies on Azure. It's presented by my colleague Reza Rahman.

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Run Linux web apps easily and securely on Azure App Service

Azure App Service and Azure Kubernetes Service are the two workhorse
services of Azure compute. This talk is about the former, which
provides a much easier to understand model of the cloud to users than
what is offered by AKS. App Service offers a wide variety of
pre-configured solution stacks on Java, .NET Core, Python, and Node,
including Tomcat and Java EE JBoss EAP. I'm not sure how much Java
will be covered, but App Service definitely supports Java vere well.

Presented by Stefan Schackow.

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