React or Vue.js

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Hi, I am looking to add another programming language under my profile and I started with AngularJs and now Angular, but keeping up with the latest javascript frameworks can be a bit cumbersome I was wondering which programming language can I learn next Vue.js or react and what are the pros and cons. Thank you in advance. :)


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Klajdi Ajdini

Hi Ed, First things first, Angular is a framework and React and Vue are libraries. All three of these "frameworks" use Javascript, it's only in the case of Angular that you can actually say you write code in angular due to the all the things it does differently. Vue and React are similar, they just put their own flavor in doing things. Generally , the better you are in Javascript the better you will be in React, Vue or Angular so I would actually recommend you spend some time to get comfortable with JavaScript and then look into a framework. As for which one to learn, I would recommend you to do a market research around the area you live, see which one is getting used the most by companies and go for that one, The concept of React and Vue is pretty similar, so once you understand the concepts then it will be easy to switch to another library or framework. I hope this helped :)

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Ed Charles Diesel Author

Thank you very much @Klajdi Ajdini I do have courses that I can take and I will definetly make sure I master JavaScript. :) very insightful.