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Dynamic vs CDN hosted website - performance analysis

I recently dog-fooded my own website EdgeNet. Basically, EdgeNet is going to be a SAAS service that converts your website into a static one and deploys it on a world wide CDN automatically. It also detects content changes and automatically syncs it. I am developing this because I needed a way to increase the page speed for many of my websites but wanted to retain the control that a CRM gives me.
Today I used EdgeNet on EdgeNet and no, there was no disturbance noticed in the space time continuum.
All i got was a website on steroids, near instant page loads, world wide CDN and insane response time compared to the single AWS instance my CRM driven website is hosted on. Here is the original one where I update my content and here is the production one which automatically syncs with the original content.
So here are the differences between the 2 versions... To measure the performance, I used Google page speed ranker.
What the ranker cannot detect is what happens at scale as well. Even at a load of a thousand visitors a second, there will be no accumulated delay.

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