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My first blog as Outreachy Intern! Core Values

Hello, my name is Edith Puclla from Ayacucho, Peru in South America.

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This post is about my core values as an Outreachy intern, I'll make it a bit different and talk about the core value of five people I learned a lot from this year and were my inspiration, which landed on my internship at Outreachy.

🌟 My mother
Among many other things, what I highlight about my mother is her rapid adaptation to the change, her accelerated learning of information technology in times of pandemic and her ability to search for information on Google and Youtube.

print("I admire her ability to provide solutions and her inexhaustible energy!")
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I love her!

💦 Nirmal Silwal
Nirmal was my buddy for almost 8 months, since we met we had many goals in common and we decided to put together a plan to achieve them. I was very lucky to meet him. Nirmal is a very persistent person, with a positive mind, and he always has that humility to make his knowledge known, he has the patience to give details and explain the same subject two or three times, he has the virtue of sharing.

print("I admire his faith that things will always work out very well.")
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🐾 Arsene Temfack
Arsene is a good friend of mine, I had the opportunity to meet him in a code evaluation that was supposed to be 20 minutes but lasted almost two hours, why? Because we were both fascinated with what Arsene had built! Arsene has managed to train in many technologies, he amazes me how much he can learn, how persistent he is to obtain his certifications and the patience he has to talk about technology. Arsese is very passionate and he loves what he does!

print("I admire his punctuality")
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he hardly ever comes a minute past the hour, even if our meetings are informal.

🌱 Fabiola Jimenez
I met Fabiola because we both received the LiFT Scholarships, so we decided to get certified in Kubernetes for Developers. At first, Fabiola was very doubtful whether she had chosen the correct certification because she had no Kubernetes experience. But what a surprise! After a few weeks of training, Fabiola had mastered all the kubectl commands, she had clear explanations and her technical language was well developed. Fabiola did her best to learn!

print("I admire Fabiola for her strength to continue learning.")
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🌺 Alejandra Huaman
Ale and I started to be friends this year, our interest in coding in Python brought us together. Ale does not stop learning, she is always there building things. She has supported me in several mock interviews, she takes the role of interviewer seriously and gives me all the feedback I need to improve. She always asks me: how can she help?

print("I admire Alejandra for her kindness.")
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Thanks Ale, I hope to be also the support for you :')

I have wanted very much to be in Outreachy, along the way I have learned to handle rejections and this made it even more exciting.

Finally Outreachy Intern for Apache Airflow
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"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

African proverb

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