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Introduction to kotlin section1

Hello guys, so i decided to start the kotlin series and today i'll be giving you an introductory class to it.

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History of kotlin

• First appeared in 2011, Current stable release 1.3.41.

• On Feb 2012, open sourced.

• Kotlin v1.0 was released on 15 February 2016.

• At Google I/O 2017, Google announced first-class
support for Kotlin onAndroid.

• Kotlin v1.2 was released on 28 November 2017.
Sharing code between JVM and Javascript.

• On May 7 2019, Google announced Kotlin as a first
preferred language for Android app developers.

What is kotlin?

“Kotlin is a new programming language targeting JVM, Android

and even JavaScript.”

  1. Modern and Statically typed

  2. Interoperable with java 100%

  3. Works anywhere java does

  4. Targets Native, Javascript, JVM and Android

  5. Object oriented and also a functional language too

  6. Open source

  7. Developed by Jetbrains( yea the geeks who build our loveable Android studio).

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What's kotlin about?

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Why kotlin?

• It is a fun language and costs nothing to adopt.

• Tired of Java, JavaScript ? Concise language.

• Helps you to be more productive. No runtime

• Everywhere

• Push from Google and Android community.

• Cool language features.

• Functional Nature. Solves nullability problem

KotlinEveryWhere( kotlin's usage)

• Android Developers (JVM)

• Backend Developers (JVM)

• IOS Developers (LLVM) - Haven't seen this in action though

• Windows Developer (LLVM) - Haven't seen this in action either

• Javascript Developers

Well we will stop here today and brace yourself for another section(Kotlin basics).Thank you..

Drop comments if any and don't forget to share.

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