Stop Learning Frameworks

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We are developers. We need to stay up to date with technology. Every day, we learn programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. The more modern tools we know — the better.

Keeping up to date with Angular, React, Vue, Riot, Ember, Knockout is fun.

But we are wasting our time.


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I agree for the most part with you. The rate at which things change in the world of development is astounding. My first gig as a developer was a lot of learning and developing in angularJs. I did not understand the fundamentals of the framework and made a lot of mistakes that added a lot of technical debt and overhead to maintaining certain parts of the application. Much of this could have been avoided with a better understanding of what the application layers were supposed to be (two way data-binding, dependency injection)

There are just as many frameworks today and with an understanding of design patterns, such as those I mentioned above learning a new framework makes sense. It is often difficult to separate the two though without diving into a framework before understanding something like dependency injection.

Great post,thank you for sharing.

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