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Make Money Online By Teaching People How To Build Products

Coding is one of the most lucrative skills in the industry. It opens up a plethora of options for you as a programmer.

If you are looking to make money through your skills, then you are in luck! There are many ways one can earn money.

One such way is teaching others how to build products.

The industry is growing at a rapid pace with an ever-growing demand for coders. Just like you followed tutorials and projects to learn coding skills, there are thousands of other people who are also doing the same. Some of them are even struggling to get past the beginner phase. The new learners mostly struggle because they do not know how to transit their coding skills into a real-world project.

And, this is where you get the chance to make money.

If you have crossed past the beginner stage, and have started making projects of real value -- you can use your knowledge to teach people how to build products.

That’s game-changing, considering that the best way to learn is to teach others. It’s easy to get started.

1. You do not need a significant amount of time

One of the misconceptions about teaching people online is that you have to spend a lot.

That’s not true. On average, anyone can start teaching online by just spending 4-5 hours per week. All you need to do is plan properly and execute it with precision.

Building a product can take you anywhere between 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

2. No need to live stream

Live Streams can be a great way to interact with your audience, but they lack the structure for teaching or learning.

As a teacher, you have to record videos and then upload it to your website or a learning platform of your choice.

3. Join a platform

There are many amazing platforms out there that let you explore the possibility of teaching others.

One such platform is the Education Ecosystem that offers a good earning model. On the platform, you can get paid per project and also for the view time. You can join the platform and start your journey of teaching others.

In contrast, you can also upload on YouTube, but it lacks a proper earning model. Also, it requires a specific target audience -- which means that you need to bring your own audience.

Another way you can make money is to create your own website, set up a Google Adsense, do proper SEO optimization and marketing. However, it may require a lot of time and commitment, which may hamper your projects.

In short, we suggest you reach your audience through established learning platforms and then create a following of your own later down the path.

4. Freelancing

Teaching through freelancing is also a possibility.

There are many platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. where you can get gigs on teaching people. However, the gigs are mostly run short, and you may also not get the chance to record a tutorial.

What’s next?

Building products is at the core of software engineering. As a programmer, you should always keep a tab on showcasing your skills and earning from it as well. Not only that will help you keep learning new things, but also make you a decent amount of money.

So, what do you think about making money online teaching people how to build products? Comment below and let us know!

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