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7 Best Online Courses to Learn Django Framework

If you are looking for good tutorials and courses to master Django, then you are at the right place. In this article we have compiled together 7 best courses from around the web to help you master web applications development with Django.

Developers use Django framework for rapid applications development using its ready to use components. The very reason of Django’s popularity is out of the box features to put together complex web applications within a matter of days.

Learning Django is not difficult either, it is the web framework built on top of Python programming language, which is one of the easiest one. However, knowledge of Python is pre-requisite before you dive deep into Django framework to create websites.

Django not only provides servers side and frontend but also provides ready to use components for admin interface creation which can be used to manage CRUD operations with ease.

Let us look at 7 of the best Django Courses and Tutorials

Python Django – The Practical Guide

This is among the latest and most updated Django framework courses on Udemy and is best suited for Django beginners. In this course, you will learn to build a fully functional blog website from scratch using Python Django framework, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. From a content perspective, this course covers below topics –
• Installing Django, understanding project structure, URLs, requests, and responses.
• Templates, static files, image, and files handling, creating models.
• Data modeling including one to many and many to many relationships.
• Interacting with database using Django models
• Working with and creating Django admin screens for your application
• User inputs, forms, and data validations using Django out-of-the-box forms handling.
• Session management and deploying the application for production use.
• And everything else you need to make a production-ready website.
We recommend this course to beginners who have some knowledge of Python, no Django experience required.

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Django 3 – Full Stack Websites with Python Web Development

This is another good beginner Django course on Udemy and teaches you the Django framework from the ground up. The course covers full-stack development by building 3 websites using Django, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, and other web technologies. You will build a personal portfolio website, a to-do list manager, and a random password generator. You will also learn to deploy the website using an online tool called Python Anywhere. Nick Walter covers topics like forms validation, models, working with databases, dynamic URLs, authentication, working with files, templates, etc. in an easy and detailed manner. We recommend this course to beginners who are preparing to get a junior web developer job in the Python ecosystem.

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Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django

This course is for advanced-level developers who want to go a step further to build and deploy REST API with Django in Python. The instructor covers many advanced topics like local Docker container setup, developing using Test Driven Development, working with Travis-CI (continuous integration) for code management, best practices like PEP-8, and a lot more. In the end, you will learn to create a REST API for uploading and viewing images, to say the least. We recommend this course to experienced Python developers who already have some Django knowledge to get the maximum benefit.

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Python Django Web Framework – Full Free Django Tutorial for Beginners

This free Django tutorial from freeCodeCamp is a great option for beginners to learn to start building websites with the Python Django framework. The tutorial provides almost around 4h of video content at a faced pace and covers almost everything from installation of Django on Mac, PC, or Linux to hosting the website in a production environment. The course is divided into 47 chapters that include installation, basic project setup, Django models, URL routing, Django Templates, Context rendering in Template, Django forms, dynamic URL linking, validations, custom mixin, and a lot more. We recommend this tutorial to anyone with basic knowledge of Python, HTML, and CSS, given it is free, you can just go spend few minutes and decide for yourself if it suits your learning style.

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Short Django Course: Getting Started

This is another good and short 2 hours Django course for beginners. This course is all about getting started with Django and getting the hang of it, nothing like a very comprehensive specialization that goes on for weeks. You get to learn the basics of creating a simple website using the Python Django framework. Key features used include templates and URL mapping, working with model classes, HTML forms, and the admin screens. We recommend this short course to anyone who has some knowledge of HTML and Python, else these 2 hours would not yield much for you.

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Python Django Training and Certification

This is an instructor-led full certification course to master the Python Django framework from Edureka. Edureka currently runs weekend batches so you can check and schedule classes as per the availability. The certification teaches you to create real-world web applications using the Python Django framework. The certification program covers Django REST framework, Django jQuery, Ajax, Django models, basics of Python, and website building in general. We recommend this course to all beginners who like to be in interactive classes and learn along with others in a group.

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Learn web development with Python and Django: Tango with Django

Web application development includes many moving parts and multiple technologies to work together. This book Tango with Django covers everything in detail and teaches aspects of full-stack web application development. During this course, you will learn to build a simple web application that works as a directory of different categories and links. You will also learn to deploy the application on PythonAnywhere hosting service. While the instructor focuses more on the Django framework, you also get to learn about HTML5, CSS3, working with external APIs, CSS, JavaScript, Git version control, and Python 3.
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Final Thoughts

Here we come to the end of our review of the most popular Django framework courses, I have published an even detailed list that can help you find Django course for your specific needs and skill set.
You can check out the link finding the best Django course to speed up learning.

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