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What is a javascript engine?

Javascript Engine

A JavaScript engine is a computer program that executes JavaScript (JS) code. A JavaScript engine can be implemented as a standard interpreter, or just-in-time compiler that compiles JavaScript to bytecode in some form.

In a browser, the JavaScript engine runs in concert with the rendering engine via the Document Object Model.

List of popular projects that are implementing a JavaScript engine:

  • V8: open source, developed by Google, written in C++. Google Chrome and the many other Chromium-based browsers use it.
  • SpiderMonkey: developed by Mozilla for use in Firefox and its forks.
  • JavaScriptCore is Apple's engine for its Safari browser.
  • Chakra (JScript9): Internet Explorer.
  • Chakra (JavaScript): Microsoft Edge.

<< Next blog i will explain about to v8 engine. >>


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