Rituals before bed for better work life balance & sleep

edwinthinks profile image Edwin Mak ・1 min read

Hey Community!

I've been having issues with keeping my mind free from thoughts about work while trying to goto and staying asleep. I've been meaning to practice mediation more on a daily basis as a supplement.

If you've had or have now a similar issue, what ways are you trying to get better rest?



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I tend to go to bed early so my goal every day is to put my phone and computer away at 9pm. Then I usually read before finally falling asleep. I like reading Sci Fi stories and find that getting lost in the stories helps me to turn off my brain to go to bed.

I also am pretty sound sensitive so I like to have a fan on for some white noise. If I dont have a fan or I am sleeping with my husband who snores I wear Bose Sleepbuds and they are AMAZING! I have worn ear plugs for years and these are like super nice ear plugs that stay in place AND you can play white noise through them if you want. Because they hook up to your phone your alarms will go through the ear buds so you dont accidentally miss your alarm. Highly recommend them.


Hey Molly!

Thanks for your suggestions! I have heard that reading works of fiction & minimize stimulus before helps out a lot in turning off the often chaotic mind of a software developer. I ought to go shopping for my next novel to read :)

Also, I've seen the Bose Sleepbuds but haven't ever committed to getting them. But I think it is even more appeal now that I'am sleeping relatively near a busy high way.

Thanks again for your feedback! I hope to get some better rest

Fan of your contributions to dev.to :)


No phone in the bed was a big "sleep upgrade" for me. Once I stopped the screen time in bed, I started falling asleep the moment my head hits the pillow and feel much more rested after sleeping.


Hey Rachel,

That certainly made falling asleep easier :). Me and my girlfriend have been practicing this a bit lately and has resulted in some great success.



While in bed I meditate, focusing on my breath; it helps me to fall asleep more quickly after a session of programming after work.


Yeh I'am going to try that :). Stillness has been difficult for me. My girlfriend has suggested this also!

Thanks William!


I play Badminton every evening which helps me to keep the stress away and since I get tired, I get sound sleep. So you can do some activity or any hobby after your work which will keep you occupied.