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function to display the title on a page and must be relevant to the contents of the content.
How to Optimization:
Write a title with a minimum length of 70 characters and enter a search keyword in the title.

Tag Meta Description

meta description is a short text to describe the page of a web
How to Optimization:
write a description page with a length of 160-300 characters, enter the search keywords in the description.

Tag Open Graph

is a tag to set how the url will be displayed when it is shared

Alt Text

Heading Tag

is a tag used to arrange pages on web content (h1, h2, h3, h4, h6

Effect of SEO:

  • The heading tag will help the search engine to read the contents
  • When the page content is well structured it will make it easier for visitors to read.

How To Optimization:

  • Use one page h1 tag and separate the section with the next h2 tag
  • Enter search keywords in the heading.

Atribut ALT

is an attribute in the img tag to describe the image.
example: your description

Effect of SEO:

  • the image will be indexed in the search engine
  • to be displayed to the user if an error occurs when shooting from the server.

How to Optimization:

  • use images that are relevant to the content
  • enter the search key in the alt attribute, write the character length between 100 - 125.

Finished, congrats for your website can ready to SEO. Just try at home.

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