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New and Improved Trello Bullet Journal Workflow

Previously on “Trello bullet journal workflow” …

I had a process going using Trello to handle my weeklies when I decided it was just too much to do the paper bullet journal any more.

Well, I’ve been using that process for a while now and have made a few tweaks. The biggest addition being automations with the Power-ups.

I sprung for a Trello Gold subscription and it’s well worth it to be able to use more than one Power-up on a board. I’m currently using two on my personal boards: Calendar and Butler.

Building on my weeklies from my previous workflow post I found that I was doing a lot of repetitive actions that were just tedious. In comes Butler.

Board Buttons

Board Buttons

Board buttons are buttons that are displayed at the top of your board and can be clicked any time to complete a task. One of the first ones I have set up is “ Archive Completed ”. On Monday’s when I set up my week I can archive all my completed cards with just a single button click.

Archive Completed Cards with one Board Button

A couple other buttons I have set up will create a few different cards that have my Monday tasks and some other tasks that I complete nearly every week. I have a “master card” set up for each of these tasks that contains a checklist of tasks. On Monday I can click my “ Monday Tasks ” button and Butler will copy that master card and place it in the appropriate list for the week. I just keep these master cards in my “Information List.”

Set up Monday Tasks

Master card for “Monday Tasks”


Additionally I have Butler marking tasks as “complete” and applying a certain label when the due date is complete. Then those cards are easily archived with my Archive button.

Butler automation for completed tasks

And because Google doesn’t seem to be importing tasks with actual due dates assigned I have anything that doesn’t have a due date marked with a specific label to make them easier to find and edit.

For items that don’t have due dates, add a label

Card Buttons

Another type of button is a card button. These are buttons that appear right on your cards.

Card button example

Right now I only have one card button and it’s for setting the card’s due date to “today.” That way I can set a due date to “today” easily without having to go through the calendar picker dialog.

Card button for due date

So just these few automations are enough to make my Monday set up a lot easier.

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