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15 Tips For Someone New To Web Development

On Twitter we asked the egghead community for advice for new developers:

Tons of developers gave out some awesome advice and we wanted to share some with the community.

1) The fundamentals are always a good start.

2) Don't get stuck on the "right way".

3) Make a journal for your future self.

4) Hang out with veterans to see they don't know it all.

5) Get a study buddy!

6) You can learn a lot from your mistakes.

7) You don't have to chase the newest thing.

8) Build things you don't think you're ready for.

9) It gets easier with time.

10) Don't forget to network.

11) Communication is important.

12) Don't compare yourself to others.

13) Don't worry about what you don't know yet.

14) Keep on building.

15) Don't give up.

Of course this wasn't all of the great advice from this thread. Check it out if you want to read them all.

Share any advice you have for new developers in the comments.

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pachicodes profile image
Pachi πŸ₯‘

Great advice!!!

lenarunner profile image
Lena Runner

After several years I get a feedback that my most useful advice was directing a person towards tools I personally use and like. Depending on a specific situation, I often talked with them about how just simple paper calendars, quick retrospectives or boards like may be used to support you, being a newbie in the area. Of course it's not limited to people starting web development route but I think it may really help them. Starting something totally new sometimes makes you forget about some basic things in life ;)

nawfal07 profile image

Thank you, great advices

fleepgeek profile image
Emmanuel Okiche

Make sure you enjoy solving problems.
Don't get into programming only for the money.
Trust the process.
Expertise takes time.
You'll get there if your persist.

willjohnsonio profile image
Will Johnson

Well said Emmanuel Okiche

victorhazbun profile image
Victor Hazbun

I'm a web developer, and I will recommend something else like mobile or IOT or anything else. Because being a good web developer takes too much time, around 5 years or more.

sally profile image

But being a good mobile developer doesn't?

"It's hard" isn't a reason not to do something.