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Announcing the VS Code Snippets egghead Community Challenge

We are excited to announce the first egghead Community Challenge!

From today Sept 22st until Monday, October 5th, you will have a chance to win some badass prizes by creating VS Code snippets that are helpful for developers!

What are Code Snippets?

Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns, such as loops or conditional-statements.

Learn more Code Snippets here

Why Participate?

One of the primary principles of egghead is that we are a "community of practice". One of the tenets of a community of practice is sharing resources that make us better at our craft.

Code snippets speed up workflow and productivity. Creating and sharing some useful snippets will help the community as a whole.


  • Time-Saver: Save developers time
  • Laugh out Loud: This is something fun like emoji art
  • Pain Relief: Take away any headache like REGEX


3 Winners(1 per category)

  • 3 months subscription to
  • Full egghead Swag Pack from the egghead Swag Store(hat, beanies, stickers, t-shirt)

How To Submit


You will be invited to a group DM on discord where we will share resources to help get you to start creating and sharing snippets.

You can also ask questions, get tips, and share ideas with other challenge members.

I highly suggest sharing on social media your progress using #eggheadchallenge

Dates To Remember

September 22: Community Challenge Begins!

October 5th: Community Challenge Submissions Due at 11:59 PM PST.

October 8th:: Community Challenge Winners Announced

If you want to participate comment below and an egghead staff member will be in touch!

Top comments (13)

adrianbdesigns profile image
Adrian Bece

Is there a link to the Discord group? If not, I would like an invite, please. Thank you!

sa2908 profile image
Sanket Agarwal

Please share the discord joining link.

willjohnsonio profile image
Will Johnson

Could you send me a DM on Twitter? @willjohnsonio

sa2908 profile image
Sanket Agarwal

I am sorry but I don't use any social media other than dev. So, can you mail it to me ?

hargwit profile image
Harry G. Withers

Hi, could I please have an invite to the Discord group? Thanks!

monishbasaniwal profile image
Monish Basaniwal

Hello! I would love to participate, how do I get started?

willjohnsonio profile image
Will Johnson

I'll be contacting you!

jbarson profile image
Jon Barson

I am up for this.

dephraiim profile image
Ephraim Atta-Duncan

Hello, I want to try my hands on it.

jasmin profile image
Jasmin Virdi


Would love participate could you please share the discord link with me!

shadowtime2000 profile image

Couldn't we just put snippets in a Github Gist instead of a repo?

rama profile image
Rama ✨

Hi 👋 I’d like to participate 🙋‍♀️

reyhhan profile image
Sara Fawmy

Hi there, I would love to participate! Could you please link me up on Discord?