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Gulp.js command execution for humans.

Build automation in JavaScript has gotten too complicated. It's time to bring it back to simple terminal commands executed in order, using Gulp-execa.

As opposed to similar plugins or to child_process.exec(), this uses execa which provides:

gulp-execa adds Gulp-specific features to execa including:

Commands can be executed either directly or inside a files stream. In streaming mode, unlike other libraries:

Example gulpfile.js:

const { src, dest } = require('gulp')
const { task, exec, stream } = require('gulp-execa')

module.exports.audit = task('npm audit')

module.exports.outdated = async () => {
  await exec('npm outdated')

module.exports.sort = () =>
    .pipe(stream(({ path }) => `sort ${path}`))
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The full documentation is available on GitHub.

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