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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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📚10 Tips: How To Write A Project/Paper 🎓For Undergraduate or Postgraduate students

💪 Lately, my grades on my masters (Master: Graphic Arts and Multimedia, Major: Informatics and Telecommunication of Engineering) have been improved and I noticed I made some changes in the way I study and write. I combined all the little things I’ve started doing since I got better grades and I created this short article (and you'll also find a video, you know, in case you're bored to read).

Tips on how to write a paper:

  1. 🤓Read multiple times the instructions and of course the title and the theme of your project. Make sure to understand them. If the project is not in your native language make sure that you understand every word of it.
  2. 📚While you read the project, keep notes about the most important aspects and requirements of your topic.
  3. ⏳A. Start reading the literature as soon as you get it/find it. Time wont be enough! B. Read the whole literature having in mind the topic. Personally, I like to read the literature at least 2 times before continuing with the next step. C. Underline the most important things or keep notes that summarize each paragraph or do both. (Again keep in mind your project, the literature is going to be long, and you don't need everything from there!) This step is going to take a while.
  4. 🧠If you have questions now it’s the right time to ask your professor. You may think it’s better to ask after you receive the project’s title or theme, but no! This is because some of your questions, now, that you read the literature, have probably been covered. If your questions haven’t yet been answered go ahead and ask your professor. Note: If your project is too specialized or very specific to a topic maybe even your professor won’t have an answer and you’ll have to make some research on your own…
  5. 💡After you’re done with studying, write in a notebook or somewhere you’ll have easy access to the structure of the paper. After the basic structure add more details, like: chapters, pages, how many words you need to describe everything, etc.
  6. ⌨Start writing!!! Write everything except for the ‘introduction’, ‘abstract’ and ‘conclusions’. These things are written always at the end of a paper!! If you have everything then proceed with ‘introduction’, ‘abstract’ and ‘conclusions’. This is also a process that takes time! BUT just start writing. The more you write the easier it’s going to be.
  7. 🤖If you have the first draft of your paper ready and you still have some time left ask your professor to take a look at it. Don't afraid of the feedback, in fact, you need it.
  8. 🤦‍♀️Start proofreading. If the paper is long, you realize that this step is going to take a while. You cannot finish it in a couple of hours, and if you can, it means you are doing something wrong.
  9. 🎓Send the paper to your professor, this time for real! Tell him/her you are done and you’d appreciate some feedback. Revisit your paper and make sure you've corrected everything.
  10. 🙏And now it’s time to send the paper to a magazine or publish it to an official authorization → repeat 3 times at loud, ‘my paper is great, they are going to accept it, they have to!’!

Ok, the last one is supposed to be a joke! But honestly don’t be afraid of publishing your project/paper, a lot of people will find value on that.

📹Or watch the video tutorial here:

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and watch my videos.

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Devang Hingu

I prefer to contact that person who expert over that field. he/she provide best answer compare to your professor. because sometime professor have limited knowledge on those specific thing which you wanted. i think you should add this point in your post.

eleftheriabatsou profile image
Eleftheria Batsou

Yeah, but what if this person doesn't exist?! or if the topic is a bit more general?! then there is definitely not -only- a person to help you.

Personally, when I had my big 'final' project for my major, I didn't have anyone... the only help was by my professor and that was very limited.

Now, That I'm doing my masters, again the help is very limited but there isn't anyone else (except of my professor) to help me.

devanghingu profile image
Devang Hingu

yeah that absolute right..!! when we're in student phase, we have no more connected to IT community. we have just friend and family circle.
Ummmmmm talking about my master's project, i did lots of research for that and done it with my partner through software-Engineering.