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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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Croatia, Austria, Ukraine ✈ Vlog | Speaking at Infobip Shift & PyCon | 2021

8 days, 5 countries, 2 conferences

Dealing with anxiety and networking.

Hello beautiful people, in this video I’ll show you my last 8 days traveling in Europe and attending as a speaker 2 tech conferences.


  1. I used to travel a lot in conferences all over the world, but then covid happened and I stopped! Maybe the old followers/readers, already know that, but as I usually say, I have 2 passions: my job and traveling. So when these 2 things can be combined you can bet I am a happy girl 😊

  2. Also, I am fully vaccinated and I take seriously all the health regulations. It's not only about my well-being but also about the people around me. I would never jeopardize their health.

Let the journey begin...

⏲ Timeline

00:00 Day 0: Greece, Preparation
01:41 Day 1: Greece to Germany to Croatia
04:50 Day 2: Croatia - Infobip Shift
10:08 Day 3: Croatia - Infobip Shift
12:38 Day 4: Croatia to Austria
18:25 Day 5: Austria to Ukraine
21:49 Day 6: Ukraine - PyCon Odessa
23:48 Day 7: Ukraine - PyCon Odessa
24:13 Day 8: Ukraine to Germany to Greece
25:10 Day 9: Greece, Thank you!

👧 Conferences:
◼ Croatia, Infobip Shift -
◼ Ukraine, PyCon Odessa -

📝 You can read in details about my trip here

👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, Community Manager at Hashnode, developer, public speaker, and chocolate lover.

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spiritupbro profile image

from those 3 country which one do you think is the most attractive country that you want to come back sometimes?