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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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🔴 E5 | QnA LIVE | Challenges, #100DaysOfCode, Freelancing, Jobs | 2020

In this series, I am going to be answering your coding/designing questions. I don't claim I have a lot of experience or that I know everything, I am just going to give you examples that have worked for me and I hope they will work for you as well.

In this video, I answer:

  1. How to start with 100daysOfCode? What to code on the challenge?

  2. How to start freelancing? where to check for freelancing jobs? What are the best languages to learn for a freelancer?

  3. How to build a personal brand?

  4. I'm a computer science student and I'm started learning python!! how can I learn python myself at home??

  5. what is the difference between CSS layouts like Grid, Flexbox, Floats, Are they only special use case tools or any of them can be used to develop a page from scratch also easy to use and maintain?

  6. have you used bootstrap v5? if yes does it make our life easy?
    your most favorite CSS framework and why?

  7. What does your normal day look like during these times? 😄 How do you spend your day?

  8. How to stay motivated while learning programming

9.​ Best resources to start on JS for a college student?

  1. How can we avoid Facebook, Instagram browsing addicted when programming?

  2. which programming language you learn firstly please tell mam

  3. ​Hi, How do you organize your work tasks or common tasks? Do you use any tool? Cheers from Colombia :)

  4. how did you teach yourself angular with typescript? I found it really hard to remember all the concepts. what was your strategy to learn and master it? Are you still using angular in your projects?

  5. Why did you decide to learn to code?

💪This is the video on how I started my coding journey
💪 Q16: Some of my motivational talks on conferences
💪 Q14: Playlist with programming courses
💪 Q: About personal brand
💪 Q5: About Upwork - Helen's Instagram @ui.helen

✅Season 1 of QnA can be found here
✅Season 2, Episode 1
✅Season 2, Episode 2
✅Season 2, Episode 3
✅Season 2, Episode 4

🤔If you have any question and you are searching for an answer, or you if you want a code/design review please choose a way to participate:

  1. leave a comment in this video.
  2. or go the "community" tab on my YouTube channel and leave a comment there.
  3. or go on twitter, find me on @BatsouElef, and ask me anything

👋Hello, I' m Eleftheria, an app developer, master student, public speaker, and chocolate lover.

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