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Artistic Terminal with Docker & Go

I am not a fan of using the Terminal, and I've always liked seeing things, and clicking on them. But often times I find myself obligated to writing commands on the Terminal. Sometimes because it's faster, and sometimes it's the only way to getting my thing done.

As with anything in life, sometimes things don't work out. And with the Terminal, errors can be daunting to grasp, and you will be like..

alt text

Because I like illustrations, I was thinking of something that I can watch on Terminal that would take my mind off whatever I was doing. Hence I came up with the following :

alt text

So I created a Docker image that wraps around a Go application that displays artistic text on the Terminal. To give it a go, you may run the following :

docker run --rm -e text="Your favorite word" elqarni/hala

Going one step further, you might want to send the "Docker run.." command to a friend, but with text hidden. You can hide the text by having it encoded with base64 .

For example, the text "Hello there" is encoded with base64 to "SGVsbG8gdGhlcmU=". Then you run the command :

docker run --rm -e text="SGVsbG8gdGhlcmU=" -e hidden=true elqarni/hala

In my case, I'd encourage you to run the following :)

docker run --rm -e text="SGFwcHkgTmV3IFllYXI=" -e hidden=true elqarni/hala

Lastly, if you are interested, you can find Dockerfile and Go source code on Github

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