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Eli H. Schei
Eli H. Schei

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5 must have extensions when working with SharePoint framework (SPfx)

I have previosly written a blogpost about my favorite extensions for VSCode. Today I want to share my favorite SPfx-specific extensions and tools. If you know about some extension, tool or package that should be on this list let me know!

1. SPfx fast-serve

Do you feel like it takes forever to serve your project on the local server? And that the hot reaload is not exactly hot? Then you should try SPfx fast serve! This article describes it in more detail and also covers the setup.

2. SPfx snippets

A nice little collection of snippets so you don't have to write everything from scratch.

3. SPfx debug extension

For easier debugging. This is by the same creator as SPfx snippets, Elio Struyf ( @estruyf ) , you should check out all of his extensions for SPfx and MS graph.

4. Rencore Deploy packages extension

I usally prefer to deploy my spfx apps using pnp powershell, but if you want to do it directly from VSCode this extension is for you.

5. Use NVM to switch between node versions

If you work with multiple apps that have different node dependencies Node Version Manager (NVM) is a must. I have previously written a blogpost on how to setup and use NVM (for windows).

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Thank you for reading, and happy coding!


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Elio Struyf

Thank you @elischei for the mention! Always great to hear people like these extensions. Looking forward to your next post.

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Eli H. Schei

You're welcome! :) You're extensions are great! :)