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EL Passion Showcase

EL Passion is a product house who can help you turn your idea into a great product.

One of the values that are core to EL Passion team is the high quality of our work. Since we're very proud of our capabilities, we've decided to showcase some of our finest skills.

In the repository, you can find examples of our work split into different categories:

  • Code quality & testing - describes how the team measures the code quality and achieves the highest standards.
  • Dribbble shots - we've challenged ourselves to implement the visually pleasing Dribbble shots created by our designers. This category showcases the results.
  • Solving technical problems - contains the examples of nice and easy solutions to the typical problems we face during the product development.
  • Meet the Team - presents our efforts to share the knowledge outside of the company.

Visit EL Showcase repository on GitHub to explore the content.


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