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Testing animations in UIKit

We take tests seriously at EL Passion. When implementing iOS apps, we always try to practice TDD, pair-programming and regular code-reviews. We want our software to be stable and bug-free. We often work on apps with outstanding design, that includes animations. In this case, we incorporate snapshot-based tests that work not only for static UI but also for animations.


Below you can see a real-life example, taken from E-commerce Today's deals interaction, iOS demo. We implemented custom animation for view controllers transition and tested it using snapshot tests.

Application Test snapshots
Ecommerce app Test snapshots


Take a look at a simplified example. Consider we have an animated button:

Button animation

It's implemented using native UIKit keyframes animation API:

func animate() {
        withDuration: 2,
        delay: 0,
        options: [],
        animations: {
                withRelativeStartTime: 0,
                relativeDuration: 0.5,
                animations: {
                    self.button.transform = CGAffineTransform(scaleX: 1.5, y: 1.5)
                    self.button.backgroundColor = .red
                withRelativeStartTime: 0.5,
                relativeDuration: 0.5,
                animations: {
                    self.button.transform = .identity
                    self.button.backgroundColor = .blue
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You can find full source code in ExampleViewController.swift file.


To test our animated button, we will use SnapshotTesting library from Point-Free.

In our XCTestCase we have to add the animated view to a window:

override func setUp() {
    sut = ExampleViewController()
    window = UIWindow(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 220, height: 100))
    window.rootViewController = sut
    window.isHidden = false
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We can then control animation progress using UIViewPropertyAnimator. After setting the desired progress of the animation, we can make a snapshot of the containing window:

func testAnimation() {
    let animator = UIViewPropertyAnimator(duration: 1, curve: .linear, animations: {

    (0...10).map { CGFloat($0) / 10.0 }.forEach { animationProgress in
        animator.fractionComplete = animationProgress
            matching: window,
            as: .image(drawHierarchyInKeyWindow: true),
            named: "animation_\(String(format: "%02.0f", animationProgress * 10))"

    animator.finishAnimation(at: .current)
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This will result in generating 11 snapshot images that our animation will be compared to, every time we run tests:

Button animation snapshots

You can find full source code of presented XCTestCase subclass in ExampleViewControllerTests.swift file.


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A Js implementation to test animations can be found here: