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Using Jest With AngularJS

This is a summary of the exeperiences I had intergrating Jest into an AngularJs project.

This is a living document - work in progress.

angular.mock.module is not a function

This took sometime to investigate. There are some info on the web regarding this:

  • Mismatch of angular and angular-mock versions.
  • Order of loading angular and angular-mocks regarding the test framework.

In my case it was something more sinister. AngularJs itself skip and does not load the nessasery logic for angular.mock.module to work.

In angular-mocks.js file, Angular load the mock.module logic only if it detects Jamsine or Mocha test framework presents.

(function(jasmineOrMocha) {

  if (!jasmineOrMocha) {


})(window.jasmine || window.mocha);
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They describe it in a oneliner of the api site also:

NOTE: This function is declared ONLY WHEN running tests with jasmine or mocha


Before loading angular-mocks, set the global jasmine or mocha to truthy value.


global.mocha = true;
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setupFiles: [
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Top comments (2)

olhaapril profile image

Thanks a lot, really helpful article!

alessandro308 profile image
Alessandro Pagiaro

I think this only happens from jest 27 that removes jasmine.

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