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Heru Hartanto
Heru Hartanto

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How to know if you are good enough as developer ?

YES, you're good enough to become developer as long as

  • Learn from your mistake
  • Never satisfied, Never give-up
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Remember that perseverance and passion drive effort, and effort drives achievement
  • Aim for small achievable daily goals rather than Imaginary big goals without action
  • Don't compare your self with other, your rival is your's yesterday self

Stop thinking that you're not good enough, even the greatest developer on earth (whoever he or she) start as a newbie, what make them better than us is because they learn earlier

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Gerrit Weiermann

I always go one step bigger (learn something new, bigger project, more difficult project) and a long time I didn't realize that I have gotten really well, until I started a trivial project what I could solve so much faster than back in the days :D