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Deep or superficial learning is the problem

elyas94 profile image elyas94 ・1 min read

There are many languages for programming and the number of available frameworks and libraries is increasing day by day.

It's very interesting to me to know what programmers are most often employed in large technology companies like google, apple and some more.

A programmer who is fluent in a language and is well acquainted with its frameworks and libraries. Or a programmer who has worked with multiple frameworks but has not had the opportunity to learn deeply.

I will explain what I mean with an example. One of the best PHP frameworks is Laravel. Laravel learning can only end with basic topics such as:


Or involve in-depth learning and work with many parts of this framework.
Have you written two or three useful packages and are familiar with some pupular packages?

Of Course it's just a simple example! But who person is win at this fight?

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Matthias Niess

From my experience at a big corporation, I can tell you: Whatever gets the job done properly. There's a huge focus on security and reliability. If Laravel gets you there, fine! In my experience you're halfway there if writing tests is second nature to you and your apps easily fit into the corporate deployment strategy.

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