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Sound approach for a p2p social network which falls back to current web

Following the last 2 posts and other videos in the past weeks. The following
will continue on the same track of a peer to peer social network.

I'll build the idea as layers over each other so:

First: Data format

  • I will write my notes, recipes and any activity I want as JSON file on my filesystem.
  • To have a common schema I'll use specifications to present my activities.

Second: Protecting my data

  • I will create a openPGP key pair for signing and a sub key for encryption
  • I will sign and encrypt my files with the keys so only me can read it and make sure no body else edits it.
  • File are now formatted in openPGP format on disk.

Third: Exchanging my data

  • To exchange a note with my friend
  • My friend will upload his public key to a keyserver
  • I will get the key and verify the signature in another channel
  • I will add him as a receiver to the file I want to share
  • I will send the file to my friend in an email or chat message or any other channel.

Forth: Organizing my files

  • To separate files that are created by me from my friends I will create a subdirectory for each keypair named after the key short form.
  • Now I can see all files shared by one friend in one directory

Fifth: Browsing my files

  • I can build a CLI tool or a UI to create files signed/encrypted by my key and also for a friend
  • I can extend the UI to show the files content in a user friendly presentation ordered by creation time latest first
  • Now I have a timeline of my activities and my friends
  • Now I can filter the files with a subdirectory which makes it my friend timeline.

Sixth: Syncing with friends

  • I can extend the client UI to join a kademlia network that connect me to my friends
  • I can make the client UI send the missing files to my friend and delete the files I deleted locally

Seventh: Social interactions

  • Liking/disliking and other interactions can be also files
  • That will make them ordinary files which has save privacy and exchange mechanism as normal activities
  • The UI can choose how to display the social interactions.

Eightieth: Falling back to the web

  • website are using for SEO
  • my client UI can read the webpage and extract parts and render them like any other post
  • I can subscribe to a website which will make the client crawl it regularily and extract the parts and save it to a separate subdirectory for this website.
  • Having the peers interact together over HTTP will make it easier to use the same code for crawling the websites.
  • Having the peers exchange format will make the code reusable.
  • My client can have another interface that render my public activities as HTML pages with microformats in the same page and a HTTP proxy server can sync regularily with the client and serve my social feed over HTTP
  • Having the activity as a JSON file without encryption means it's a public data so anyone on the internet can download the file and read it.

Ninth: Sharing content

  • A file I exchanged with a friend is encrypted for him and other receipients
  • My friend can create shareAction that reference my file address as the "object" attribute value.
  • He can exchange this file with his friends
  • His friends will retrieve the file from me if they're one of the recepients
  • My client will refuse to transfer the file if the user requesting it is not one of the recepients.
  • Even if my friends transferred the file to them without my permission the file can't be decrypted by their client.
  • If my friend added his friends as recepients to the file and transferred it to them it is technically possible but it will be breaking my trust in him. similar to taking a screenshot of private messages. technically possible but a social violation.

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Miles Watson

Cool ideas! I’ve been working on something similar, a project I’ve called Hosta. The docs explain some of the inner workings, if you’re interested.

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Emad Elsaid

I visited the Hosta repo but I couldn't find the specs or how its working. is it somewhere?

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Miles Watson • Edited

Sorry! I've been doing some rearranging of the repo recently. The docs link is currently broken - this will be fixed in the next push to master.

You can see an overview of the project workings on the wiki. Parts of it require minor updates, but the core concepts are there.

emad__elsaid profile image
Emad Elsaid

in the past days I wrote a detailed document about the idea and I'll be developing it

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