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Emile Paffard-Wray
Emile Paffard-Wray

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Interviews with open source maintainers and developers

When I started working as a developer a few years ago, I barely considered that there were people devoting their free or paid time to all of the open source software I depended on. Of course, every piece of software you depend on has one or more humans behind it, and they have stories to tell which might be instructive for others. Hence I built a site to share those stories (the framework for which is heavily inspired by IndieHackers).

I have 3 main aims with SourceSort: 1) discover and share best practices (and learnings from failures) for other open source maintainers and developers 2) promote the projects and maintainers I interview and 3) satisfy intellectual curiosity. I'd love to hear any feedback from the DEV community on whether I've managed to fulfil these aims so far.

Here's the site:

(And thanks to all of the developers who took part in this first set of interviews, all of whom have been very friendly and generous with their time.)

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