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Quickly install software on a new Ubuntu installation with GMUAR

GMUAR -- Get Me Up And Running -- is a pure bash command-line utility program to install a host of common software on Ubuntu/Debian. This helps get software onto fresh Ubuntu installs fast.

emmanuelnk/GetMeUpAndRunning - GitHub

I was inspired to create this by all the sudo apt install commands I would have to get through just to get a new development machine up and running. Some software also wasn't easily installable via apt and need the addition of repositories, curling scripts etc.

This is my solution to all of that.

Simply clone the repository and run ./

Alt Text

The program runs through several categories of software to install:

  • setup (e.g. curl or pip3)
  • utilities (e.g. net-tools)
  • desktop (e.g. spotify)
  • customization (e.g zsh)
  • development (e.g. node.js )

It has the ability to check via apt, PATH or even filename to determine whether a program has been installed (since not all programs are installed via apt or snap).

GMUAR can be extended by adding your own scripts to add your own desired software. Instructions are in the repository README

Check it out now!

emmanuelnk/GetMeUpAndRunning - GitHub

Hi I'm Emmanuel! I write about Software and DevOps.

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