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CWD: A new document format

Recently, I'm working on a very ambitious project: a new document format, essentially is a PDF replacer.

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The name is CWD and stands for Compact Web Document and is a new powerful and multimedia document file that allows rich contents such images, videos, audios, live maps and of course, text.

Look the project (under construction) home page here:

With CWD you can easily build your own document with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the resulting file is a high standard and compressed portable document, readable with a CWD Reader.

Why do this? Adobe PDF is still here, and we don't need another document format! Well, I think that is not true, PDF have a lot of limitations.

Manipulating a PDF is the absolute pain ever, you have to read carefully the PDF reference in order to do the things in the right way and this is not always true, every PDF Reader will render in a very different and specific way and the standard is now obsolete.

So here became the idea, we have HTML, CSS, JS and so many technologies that are standard and more extensible, also, a web page can hold ANY type of content today, even a PDF.

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Andre Christoga Pramaditya

This is an interesting initiative. I can't really try it out since I'm on a Macintosh tho, nevertheless, I'm interested to see where these leads. Good luck with the progress!