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Useful Free Programs for Planning and Productivity for Developers

These are a list of programs and websites to aid in the development of web apps or any type of programming in general. I try to avoid the obvious ones (I.E. VSCode, GitHub, Etc...) and find some interesting ones!!!

In no particular order...


  • Figma - A way to design a website also has collaborative capabilities. Figma Screenshot
  • Bundle Phobia - Computes the size and load time of for your bundles, can either search or upload a JSON file of your bundles. Bundle Phobia Screenshot
  • Font Flipper - Helps you find fonts from the Google Fonts library in a convenient Tinder-esque way. Font Flipper Screenshot
  • Adobe Color Wheel - Helps you explore colors and find suitable 0nes for your next project ADobe Color Wheel Screenshot
  • Coolors - A slick site for generating pleasing pallets of color for your next project. Highly Recomend!! Coolors Screenshot
  • Trello - A way to keep track of tasks for any sort of personal or group project. Trello Screenshot
  • - Brain storm using mind-maps.
  • JSONPlaceholder
  • - Flow chart and diagram maker.
  • WakaTime - Track and analyze how you spend your time coding. WakaTime Screenshot
  • Mockaroo -"Mockaroo lets you generate up to 1,000 rows of realistic test data in CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel formats." Mockaroo Screenshot
  • Browser Shots - Test your website in a huge collection of different browsers. Browser Shots Screenshot
  • fake{JSON} - Quickly create fake JSON data for testing. fake{JSON} Screenshot
  • Sizzy -"A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast, made by @thekitze " Sizzy Screenshot
  • unDraw - Open source illustrations for any project unDraw Screenshot
  • Build RegEx - A visual tool for generating RegEx expressions Build RegEx Screenshot
  • Regulex - A tool for visualizing RegEx expressions Regulex Screenshot
  • RegExr - A website for learning, building and testing RegEx expressions. RegExr Screenshot
  • HTTPie - "HTTPie—aitch-tee-tee-pie—is a command line HTTP client with an intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, plugins, and more." HTTPie Screenshot
  • VisBug - Edit Content of a webpage inside of Google Chrome. VisBug Screenshot
  • Insomnia - A pretty darn cool REST Client for debugging APIs Insomnia Screenshot)
  • Codeply - "Responsive Design Playground & Frontend Editor." Codeply Screenshot

Content Creation

  • Flare - Easily create animations for your website in in browser Flare Screenshot
  • Vectr -"Vectr is a free graphics software used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. It's a simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool to bring your designs into reality." Vectr Screenshot
  • Canva - Free online graph and charts maker Canva Screenshot
  • Photo Creator - Free Stock Image Generator Photo Creator Screenshot
  • Videvo - Free stock videos Videvo Screenshot
  • Pexels - Free stock videos Pexels Screenshot
  • XD - Website and app designer XD Screenshot


  • - Many useful documentations all in one place DevDocs Screenshot
  • WolframAlpha - "Computational Intelligence" Wolfram Alpha Screenshot
  • Google Fonts - Large collection of free fonts you can use for your projects Google Fonts Screenshot
  • Up - Free assets for websites and mobile apps Up Screenshot



  • Postman - An environment for developing APIs Postman Screenshot
  • Apify - Automated web scraping platform. "Turn any website into an api in minutes!" Apify Screenshot

OS Tools


  • CloudConvert - Convert anything to anything/cloud based converting/Runnable via api calls
  • 10 Minute Mail - Exactly what it says it is
  • IFTTT - Super awesome program!!!!
  • Grammarly - Grammer correction program/extension
  • Snapdrop - Send files easily across platforms
  • JSON Parser - Parse your ugly json strings
  • Carbon - Take pretty screen shots of your code
  • GTmetrix - Analyze the resources and speed of your website

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jasonbasuil profile image
Jason Basuil

Thanks for sharing this! I'll definitely be referring to this when I need some good ideas for projects!

scottslatton profile image
Scott Slatton

Perfect 5/7

rowv profile image
Ravi Mali

Thanks for sharing. I loved the idea of this 10 minutes mail, best if you are worried about sharing your email due to privacy concerns and spams.