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Nwagba Okechukwu Martin
Nwagba Okechukwu Martin

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How to write a blog post

Good day DEVs.
I've been coding for about two years on Android now and I only just started learning JavaScript about a week ago and to tell the truth I am loving it.

I've been trying to write blog posts on the stuff I've learnt so far but can't seem to put down well enough like other posts I read and learn from. I'd really love some advice from the community on this one. And also does this count as a blog post :-)

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Xavier Dubois 🇫🇷

I writting my first blog post right now, so I can't give you experienced advice yet, but, I'll tell you what motivated me:
Don't get stuck by your impostor syndrom. Whatever you want to speak about, it'll great.
And yes, other people can make better, but, who cares. You have to start somewhere, so do it, accept the community critism, and grow from that.

Like we all did when we start coded actually !