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Part 2: Getting started with Entando

Hey there! Welcome back! In the previous blog we learned about:

  • What is Entando
  • What are components and business capabilities
  • And the 4 essential c’s of the Application Composition Platform.

If you’re passing by this blog, make sure you’ve checked out our previous blog that explains What is Entando.

In this blog, we’d learn to actually, get started with the Entando Platform!

There are two types of installation, automatic and manual installation. In this blog, we’ll go through the automatic installation.

Here’s a little flow, we’ll first check if we have multipass installed, as that’s an important step of our installation process. And then, we’ll run a simple command to install our entando platform. Once that’s done, we’ll finally log in to our entando app dashboard!

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What is Multipass?

Multipass is a mini-cloud on your workstation using native hypervisors of all the supported platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Now we’ll move on to install multipass using this command. If we have it installed, we just check the version using this command. For me, it’s installed, so I’ll go ahead and just check the version.

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Perfect! We can see the version here. Now, we go ahead and install entando on our local machine, using this command:

curl -sfL | bash
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This is going to take a couple of minutes, and then we’ll be done. The sequence of steps performed by the CLI also explains what the CLI does.

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And by the end of this, we’ll be able to see the link to our app, printed here on the console.

Once we have it, we’ll paste it on the address bar of our browser and we log in.

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And there we go, we see our app dashboard.

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That’s all. I hope we were able to understand the entire entando installation process. In the next blog, we’d learn to build a simple bundle using Entando ACP. Till then, you can explore more of our blogs. Thanks for reading!

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